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:: Walking Star's Community Sites ::
:: Internet Marketing Clients:
East Yellowstone Lodging
WildeWood Furniture
Cedar Mountain Center of West Park Hospital
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:: Walking Star Marketing Services Available ::
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***Several sites listed are no longer active, but hosted by Walking Star for display and design purposes only

:: Custom Designed Logo Gallery ::
corporate identity is critical for any business we custom design logos

hungry bear restaurant
Sunlight Springs

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:: Meet Our Full Service Clients::
Walking Star Studio offers full design services to our clients to business needs.
We specialize in custom concepts for marketing your business in todays market.

Big Horn Galleries
East Yellowstone Lodging Association
High Country Mercantile
Irma Hotel & Associates Pahaska Tepee Resort
Yellowstone Headwaters  

:: Walking Star's Print Gallery ::
The Print Gallery consist of ad layouts, brochures, posters
Speciality advertisements such as mailings, flyers and post cards.

catalog design example
postcard design example
brochure design example
poster design example
flyer design example
label design example
business card example
invitation design example
print ad example

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:: Creative Concepts & Designs ::
Walking Star Studio offers custom design concepts for marketing your business.
Creating that niche market for making your business goals & ideas a realty.

Garment Art & Design
Jingle & Radio Promotion
Calendar Designs
CD Package Designs

Cassette Package Designs
Magnetic Auto Signs Vinyl Auto Applications
Billboards Sign Designs

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